Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flying, Football and Some Other Stuff

Been a while!  I've been slacking off as it relates to my trying to "Back 'er Down"  That's the only thing that I've been slacking on though.  Busy, busy.  I was cutting grass today and caught myself thinking about work.  That's a no-no.  Tractor time is supposed to be manual labor only.  I am not allowed to use my brain.  I caught myself just as I heard the Jackson 5's version of Rockin' Robin.  At that point all was right with the world.  I really "love" three things.  God, my family and Georgia Southern University.  I've been busy at work and some things have been driving me nuts as of late.  I'm fortunate though because I still love my job.  When you dig what you do even on the sucky days it's a good sign.  I count my blessings every day.  I work with good folks and I love what I do.

"What I do" is actually taking me on a special trip this weekend.  My alma mater is playing the US Naval Academy this Saturday, September 11th in Annapolis.  What a special treat that will be to be in the presence of those Midshipmen on that day.

Another reason that it will be 31 years old it will be this guy's first time on a plane!  Hooooo weeeee!  Get out the cement pond Granny!  Jethro's gonna fly on the big silver bird!  I'm pretty fired up about it but a tad nervous at the same time.  My sister travels something like 9 days a week so she's given me some good tips.  That got me in the world have I never been on a plane?  Well, I do really enjoy driving.  Drove to San Antonio a few years back.  I guess the main reason is that I never really had to.  I've always worked locally and I'm too cheap to travel anywhere too far away.  I think the trip will give me some pretty good blog material ;)

The garden is long gone, but we recently planted a fall garden.  We put out some more snapbeans, squash and some butter peas.  Next month we'll put out some turnips, mustard and carrots.  This will be my first foray into carrots so I'm looking forward to that.  Our Sugar Cane didn't perform very well, but we will make enough to use for seed next year.  It should be ready to chew at the first frost.

The kids are growing like weeds.  The Murph is developing quite a vocabulary.  He's spraying us down with such spoken gems as "want some" "got poop" and "fix it."  At least we know what little boys turn into.  That brings me to Heavy D.  He is really good right now for keeping me grounded and reminding me that my number one job in life is to guide him and be a good father and husband.  Like many 4-5 year olds he's testing my patience and pushing boundaries.  I pretty much did that until......well..... yeah I guess I still do that.

What else?  I scored a new rifle a few weeks ago.  Got my hands on a compound bow too.  I plan to do a little hunting this year.  Camping trips at the river seem like they will be far and few as the river is up a little.  It is falling but I won't have too many weekends free.  I hope to find another suitable spot at the river.  Maybe something on shore so we can still enjoy the water even with no sandbars out.

Okay.  That's all I got.  I was feeling really bloggy at the beginning but I've petered out and I'm rambling.  It's time to "back 'er down" into the bed and get some rest.

Ya'll take it easy,


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