Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Climbing Out of a Funk

Clearance rack blueberry bush
Been feeling kind of blah lately.  Not sure why.  Maybe it's the heat.  The wife says it might be because the garden is done.  Either way I have to snap out of it.  It's a drag.  No patience with the kiddos, no patience at work and I find myself just being a general grump lately.  That ain't me.  The peeps around me deserve better.

I started running again.  Before son #2 was born, I was a regular runner, nearly every morning.  Once he came along I got out of the habit.  A baby will do that to a household.  He's 2 1/2 now though.  I don't have an excuse, except that I was just being a useless slob.  My short term goal is to run/walk every morning.  Even weekends, even rainy days.  I remember feeling so good when I was doing that a few years ago.  It gave me more stamina through the day.  It helped clear my sinuses.  If kept me from packing on 20 extra lbs.  Remind me again...... why did I stop?  #FoRealDough

Garden is done, but we're still planting!  I found some blackberry and blueberry bushes on a clearance rack at Lowes.  $3 each.  They actually looked pretty healthy too.  We planted two of each and have our fingers crossed that we can keep them watered enough through the brutal South GA summer.  We also planted 5 peach trees.  These gems were volunteers that my Dad dug up out of his trash pile.  He and Mom put up some peaches last year and low and behold the pits put on some pretty impressive trees right there in the trash pile.  Nature is funny like that.  We potted them in the spring and they had began to get root bound, so it was time to get them in the dirt.

I'd like to go camping with the oldest boy, but finding the time and fighting the heat/rain is making that difficult.  I'd love to go to the river, but it's so low I'd be dragging the boat........ not to mention I'm not sure it's clean after a questionable fish kill.  Guess I need to treat it like the running.  I just need to step up and do it!  In other news, I'm thinking about taking up photography.  Auctioneering school is still on the bucket list, but taking awesome pictures seems to be a little more realistic goal right now.

Exercise and outdoor activities.........that will bring a man out of a funk don't you think?

Y'all take it easy,



  1. I think the heat has a way of bringing us all down this time of year. Good luck with the running. I have started back on my excercise routine. It is not easy!!

  2. Thanks Trey. Only 46 days till the Eagles kick off!

  3. Let me know about Auctioneer school. I will go with you. I have wanted to go so bad for so long now. I almost went 5 years ago and now wish I had gone ahead and pulled the trigger.

    Now snap out of the funk and take a walk around the prettiest little stadium in America!

  4. Thanks Quackwaker! I'll keep you posted ;)

  5. I'm sorry to hear it Alex. I hope you get that chance to go camping.

  6. Thanks Phelan. Hope y'all get some rain out in KS!

  7. Oh, man. I know how you feel. We have had so much rain, clouds and generally blah weather that I'm starting to go into major Vitamin D withdrawal.
    Not that I would rather be in a drought, but waking up every day to the same oppressive clouds...yech.
    I chose to live here for a reason so I gotta get over it and hope we get a little sun before the fall!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Lindsey!!

  9. We all go into funks. Get out some horse-shoes or play some catch in the yard, just something simple, but that requires movement so your brain can do one thing while your body does something else. After a while, both will rejoin and the funk will be in the past, for the time being. Find your next zone-out game and be ready for the funk to strike again. Preparation is key. FREEDOM FROM THE FUNK! I'm rooting for you Alex!

  10. "Freedom from the funk" I like that! A good slogan alone is great for a positive attitude. Thanks for stopping by Lana!

  11. I know what you are saying...being in the dumps is not a great place to be. For a long time, I had a quote (source forgotten) next to my computer that said, "A slump is like a soft bed, easy to get into, but hard to get out of." Man...this is so true. I think our spirits are simply like the tide, it rushes in all excited and then ebbs out in a withdrawal from everything it had so recently engulfed with zest. I often feel that way...one of my "fixes" is to FORCE myself to stay busy and to do something that I have been passing by that has been gnawing at me. It helps --- kind of the two birds with one stone concept. Hang in there and at least you recognize the dump stage! It is awful when people say, "What? There's NOTHING wrong with me!" Augh. Better to just say, "Yep, I'm dragging, sorry I can't be a marching band today."

    Later Gater!


  12. Camping Suggestion, cumberlin island in the late fall one weekend after the bugs are dead.