Monday, July 12, 2010

First Fish, Fashion and Friends

What a great weekend it was.  My oldest son (4) caught his first fish!

We had originally planned on going camping at the river, but the extreme heat advisory that was issued made me call off the trip.  Not sure I would be nominated for the Parent of the Year Award if I hauled my child off to a river slew when the thermometer was still reading 99 at 7 PM.  We instead opted for a early morning trip up the river.  It was much more about riding and swimming than it was fishing.  We headed home for a nap around Noon.  A friend invited us to his family's pond that evening and that's where kiddo became a pint-sized Bill Dance.  He caught 7 fish!  I think it ruined him for river fishing, but he had a blast.  It's a memory that I will cherish forever.

Still having trouble wrapping my mind around the jean diapers.  I'm just gonna let it go, LOL.  I'm not exactly what you'd call fashion suave.  Golf shirts and brown pants pretty much take care of my needs regardless of the occasion or social setting :)  What's that saying about those living in glass houses? ;)

The Lord has blessed me with some good friends.  I don't get to hang out with many of them anymore.  Life progresses, careers and kids come along.  We're still able to keep in touch, but I sometimes yearn for the good old days.  Is that "nostalgia" or just "getting old?"  One of my best friends is getting married soon.  He's one of the last to take the dive.  Looking forward to celebrating this happy time with him.  Many friends are entering parenthood as well.  I pray that all of them will take these two sacred duties seriously and always give 100% to making sure they are successful.  I pray that they'll also help remind me to do the same.

"Backing 'er down" and living a more simple life has really shown me that my responsibilities are few, but important.  If I can manage to glorify God and lead/provide for my family, everything else kind of falls into place.  Of course I fall short  in those areas regularly.  That's where the three F's come into play.  I Fish to clear my mind.  My Fashion choices remind everyone how NOT to dress and leaves more money for my wife and kids clothes.  And my Friends help keep me on track.

Pretty good plan I reckon.

Ya'll take it easy,