Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Huggies, Heat and Watermellons Galore!

Sometimes blogs take on a life of their own.  Many times they morph over time to become something far different than the original intent.  I'm not going there because I still fully intend on using this as a way to document my pursuit of a more simple life as I Back 'er Down.  However, I need to discuss a few things.  Maybe I can tie it back to the original concept at the end.  Let me preach on it.......

Huggies new denim patterned diapers have me very worried about society.  Never mind the fact that our economy seems to be on the verge of collapse and people are struggling to make ends meet.  That worries me less than the introduction of what is in essence designer underwear for babies.  Why do we need this?  Has the market shown us demand for it?  The demand at my house is an affordable diaper that the kids won't pee through.  I must be getting really old because I missed the fact that it's now cool to take your "youngin" out in public without pants on.  Not that long ago you would have been labeled "trash" for doing such a thing.  But oh, since the diaper is blue with faux denim stitches it's okay now?  I gotcha.  I just asked myself this:  If I had some denim patterned "tighty whiteys" would it be cool for me to wear those out in public?  Hell no.  If this is your problem!  I don't think any less of you.  I might laugh at you, but I'll still be your friend and I'll encourage you to laugh at me for being a stick-in-the-mud :)

They are setting up "cooling centers" up north.  Temps have climbed into the triple digits in the northeast causing mass panic and much gnashing of teeth.  Here's a newsflash:  It's July.  This pretty much happens every year.  I love AC as much as the next guy, but we've become so utterly sorry that it's pathetic.  Me included.  I need to toughen up my tubby self too.  That topic is going to make a really great blog soon.

Justin Bieber is the hip new thing.  I liked that act much better when it was Nelson.

I very much enjoyed a few days off with my family and my wife's family at the beach last week.  It was the first time that I could ever remember that I didn't absolutely despise going to the beach.  I'm a freshwater guy all the way.  This year though I was really looking forward to it and I had a pretty good time.  South Carolina has some nutty golf cart rules of which I was unaware though.  Apparently you have to insure and register your golf cart in SC.  Doesn't make much sense for me to do that as a GA resident who spends one week a year over there.  In looking over the laws I would be much better served to take my tractor next year.  I can 100% legally ride it all over the island with just a slow moving vehicle sign on the rear.  It's a thought.....

The 2010 edition of the Grovenstein Ponderosa Garden has come to a close.  Only a few hills of sugarcane remain and they will be there until the first frost.  we were able to put away a very very generous amount of snapbeans, corn, squash and tomatoes.  We still have plenty of potatoes to eat as well.  The watermellons did better than I would have imagined.  We picked over 30!  I had plenty of food for my family and plenty more yet that was shared with coworkers, neighbors and friends.  A small fall garden is on the horizon.

So I said that I would try to pull it together somehow.  Not a problem friends.  In my pursuit of a more simple life I have learned that babies really don't care what kind of diapers they wear.  You only have to find a brand that fits well and doesn't break them out in some funky rash.  I make sure my kids are dressed within our means and that they look presentable.  It's just less of a hassle when I don't care that "Mr and Mr's Smith's" kid has on a designer poop catcher.  That effort and money can be used to focus on the garden, paying off illegal golf cart tickets or on that swell new Justin Beiber CD.  It's all a matter of choice.  Whatever works best for you.

Ya'll take it easy.



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