Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why I write the way I write.

The repeated use of slang.  Random series of periods ............. The use of apostrophes in front of and behind broken words.  Broken English.  Great boogly moogly!  Why do you write like that Alex?

I had an idea a while back that one of the things that would make me enjoy the blogging process a little more would be to write it as if I was talking.  I would format everything as if it were a conversation.  The whole idea of Back 'er Down was really birthed through various conversations anyway.  I call it typing with an accent.

It's not that I don't know how to write correctly.  I actually do ;)  I do it almost daily at work.  I have hundreds of examples of properly structured articles with catchy leads, tactically persuasive pitch letters and properly APA styled research documents to prove it.  Heck I even have my handy dandy AP Stylebook within reach at work and at home!

That gets old though.  It's much more fun to type as if I was having a beer with the poor souls who actually take the time to come here and read.  (thanks again by the way.)  The ultimate question is do people understand what you're trying to say when you write in the format I've chosen?  I think they do.... if they want to.  (you see how I did that....ending that sentence with a preposition?)

I consider myself a regular guy .  I figure most people are about like me for the most part.  If information is there to be had, I absorb it through a variety of different channels and often times in a variety of different formats.

Is there a place for proper English, mechanics, punctuation and enunciation?  Sure there is.  It just ain't here.

Ya'll take it easy,



  1. When I read, I even hear your voice and inflection in the words. Maybe weird I know, but I do the same thing when read anyone who's voice I'm familiar with.

  2. I wonder if people who don't know me read it in a Foghorn Leghorn voice?

  3. lol, I too gave up on being pretty and perfect when it comes to blogging. I write waaaay too many articles to death and well. . . I like talking. And now that you mention it, I will more than likely hear Foghorn from here on out. I just hope people here Droopy when they read mine ;)

  4. I say....I say thanks for taking a moment to stop by Phelan ;)