Sunday, May 1, 2011

Farewell To An Old Friend

A part of this blog is to help me write and verbalize to myself the silliness in "accumulating stuff."  Sometimes I get attached.  Today we let go of our 1954 John Deere 40.  It had been for sale for a while, but today was finally the day she left.  It has served our family well for almost 19 years.  The real reason that I had such sentimental ties to was the very first tractor that Dad and I restored together.  It was also the first tractor that my oldest son drove....just earlier this year.  It was the tractor that allowed me to learn the proper way to use and care for these old machines.  Hard pill to swallow.

However......the reason that we sold it makes the pill a little easier to get down.  We recently purchased a 1949 John Deere M.  My grandfather bought an M brand new in 1949.  It is the tractor on which Dad learned how to drive, how to garden, how to work.  He always wanted one of his own.  Now he has one and the restoration can get underway.  It was a bittersweet process.  A tractor that I've grown to love is gone.  However, we now have an opportunity to allow my Dad to realize a lifelong dream.  Making that a reality it totally worth it.

Y'all take it easy,



  1. Totally worth it! I am a person who has a VERY difficult time giving up things that have memories attached, so I can empathize. Just think, though. You are replacing it with a tractor that is not only nostalgic for your dad, but you'll build many more memories restoring it! :)

  2. Hardest part of restoring something is letting it go. I find that I want to keep every little table that I refinish. I just have to keep telling myself that I have no more room and that I like cash!!!!

  3. There is also a lot of comfort in knowing that we saved another one of these beauties from the scrap yard. Rae, Trey I appreciate you folks taking a moment to read.