Sunday, May 8, 2011

Garden Update May 8

Dry, but hanging in there.....
In my last update I mentioned that it had been a month since it rained.  We got 1/4 inch the next afternoon.  Nothing since.  About a quarter if an inch of rain in the last six weeks.  That's it.  The interesting part is that middle and northern GA is getting slammed regularly.  The mighty Missisip is overflowing.  In Kansas though, they're in a bad drought.  Thank goodness for sprinklers.  Everything is pretty much being maintained with the sprinkler water.  Nothing is experiencing any really good growth.  We picked a mess of small squash and some potatoes yesterday.  Sent the squash home with Dad and the potatoes will be included in Mamma Bear's Mothers Day feast that the boys and I will cook later this evening.

Corn is up about 3' or so.  Everything looks good except the tomatoes and cucumbers.  They aren't dying, they just aren't really doing anything.  Sandy soil and only 1/4 inch of rain over the last 7 weeks will do that.  I'll just have to nurse it along until we get some of that.  No need to moan.  We can control a lot of things.  The weather ain't one of them.

Y'all take it easy,

Squash will grow regardless of conditions

Watermelons doing surprisingly well.

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