Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Joy I Get From Cutting Grass

I've always made a point to be optimistic about everything.  No one wants to be associated with what Mom called a "belly-acher."  With that lesson firmly entrenched in my mind daily I always try to seek the good in every situation.  There is good in every situation you know ;)  Do I fake it sometimes?  Hell yeah.  You can't be happy ALL the time.  But we do owe it to our fellow man to set a good example and bring out the best in each other.  It's amazing what kind of impact I've been able to have on myself since adopting this practice.  I assume that it helps others as well though I have no empirical evidence.

Let's take for instance the lowly task of cutting grass.  There are a million things that one could belly-ache about when it comes to this regularly occurring summertime chore.  Heat, bugs, smell, allergies, aches, pains, time blah, blah, blah.  These are all the things that cutting the grass does TO us.  What can cutting the grass do FOR us?

1.  The tractor and/or lawnmower are supportive friends.  They do not care what kind of day you had.  They won't reprimand you.  They don't talk back.  They do their jobs and support your efforts 100%.

2.  The alone time is a good opportunity to think or clear your mind.  You'll get some alone time for sure.  who wants to be all up in your face when there's a fume-spewing grass-slinging beast between you and them?  I often take time to think and reflect when driving and before bed, on the toilet (LOL) but I find that when I'm cutting grass I have a whole new level of clarity about my head.  It's refreshing.

3.  Cutting grass is exercise.  Don't let anyone tell you it isn't.  You are sweating out impurities, working muscles and burning calories when you cut grass.  If you use a push mower it may be more noticeable.  Weedeating and edging are great too!  What about riding mowers or tractors?  Certianly not burning the calories that a push mower might, but that of course depends on the size of your yard.  One other thing....If you think riding an old tractor for three hours in the hundred degree sun won't work you, come see me and I'll let you try it ;)

4.  Looking back on a successfully completed job.  At the end of the task, you can take a step back and admire a freshly cut pasture or sharply edged sidewalk and really appreciate the beauty.  It should give you a sense of accomplishment.  You should feel proud and rewarded for your hard work and a job well done.  Who knew we could move so far up on Maslow's Hierarchy by simply cutting grass?!?!

Strange how ideas pop into my head sometimes.  A drive-by blog about the benefits of cutting grass.  Getting entertainment value out of something that needed to be done anyway?  That's Backing 'er Down!

Ya'll take it easy.