Monday, March 10, 2014

The Excellent Adventure: Day 11 (The Last Day)

I did it.  I completed auctioneer school, I camped for 10 nights straight along the beautiful Coosa River, and The Excellent Adventure has come to a close. (If you missed any of it , you can read all 11 entries here.)  Wait a minute Alex..... Didn't you say you were going to camp for 11 nights?  I did say that.  However, our field trips and the days on which we stayed late banked us some hours.  We took our final exams this morning and at 1:00, we had completed our required 85 hours of pre-licensing education.  I did what any normal guy who hasn't seen his family in 11 days would do........ I broke camp, loaded up and headed home!  I auctioned every overpass between Rome and Bulloch County too ;-)  Instead of going home and taking a much needed nap on a real bed, I drove straight to the baseball field and met my family for my oldest son's first practice of the spring.  Totally worth it.

I had no problems with the final exam.  I made a 93, but I was peeved at myself for not making 100.  I knew the material, but the wording on some questions tricked me.  On two of them I just flat misread them.  Oh well, lesson learned.  We reviewed the test and I know where I faulted.  I feel confident that Charlie and Robin have prepared us to ace the state licensing exam.  The only thing left to do now is to file my application paperwork and wait to hear when I will travel to Macon to take the test.  A couple of weeks after that I should have my license in hand I will then officially be an auctioneer!

Then the hard work really begins.  It actually begins tomorrow.  I am back home, without a "real" job and hoping to develop three start-up businesses at the same time.  Welcome to the big-time young man.  Would I really do it any other way?  Gotta keep things interesting you know.  That might end up being a more excellent adventure than the one I completed today.......

Y'all take it easy,


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